Band in a Box Wiki

Can't think of a title for your new song? Band in a box has a title generator application designed to help you.

Accessing the Title Generator[]

Title gen.jpg From inside Band in a Box select the Title button.

Title Generator (Stand Alone)

Outside Band in a Box you can run the Title Generator by navigating to your default \bb\ folder and double clicking on TitleGen.exe. You can also set a shortcut file to TitleGen.exe and leave it on your desktop or in a Start menu folder.

Using the Title Generator

Clicking the Title button in Band in a Box will add a new title to your song title window. Repeat as necessary until you have the title you want.

Running the application stand alone gives you a number of options including generating 50 titles at once and saving these as a text file. You can also print the list.

Editing Words File[]

The words and phrases used by the Title Generator are stored in a text file called titl1.txt. you can add or remove words and phrases by editing this file. To be safe you might want to create a copy of this file first so it can be restored should you make any mistakes.