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The Roland Virtual Sound Canvas (DXi version) is a software synthesizer that ships free of charge with Band in a Box.

Installing the VSC DXi[]

During a regular installation to HD there's an option to install the Roland VSC DXi. If you are running BiaB from a USB HD then there is an option to install the VSC DXi for that install type. Even though you can run BiaB from the HD without any intallation you must run the VSC installation since it needs to make registry entries.

Using the VSC DXi[]

For instructions on how to use the VSC DXi see the I/O setup page.


The Roland VSC DXi synth does not run under 64 bit operating systems. However, PG Music now provides the CoyoteWT DXi Synth as a replacement which also ships free with all current versions of Band-in-a-Box. You can use the CoyoteWT, or any other compatible software synth or external synth like the Ketron SD2 if you use a 64 bit OS.

Another possibility to run Roland VSC DXi on a 64-bit hardware is to install and run Band-in-a-Box virtualized inside 32-bit Windows XP Mode.