The Focusrite Saffire 6 USB is a two-in/four-out USB audio interface from Focusrite. A detailed description can be found here.
Saffire 6 usb253

Sapphire 6 USB audio interface

This is simply the best audio interface I've ever used. It has ASIO drivers that work flawlessly and an overall simplicity that makes it a real pleasure to use.


Installation was easy and trouble free. The drivers installed without trouble and the unit was fully operational after a reboot.

Use (in BiaB)Edit

The Sapphire 6 allows you to easily record vocals or instruments to BiaBs audio track. In addition it provides superior audio output.


There are few limitation with this interface. the two inputs give excellent stereo input to BiaB and the four outputs allow you to use hardware FX and Processors if you set up your signal routing properly. Overall it's a great unit.